Friday, October 2, 2009

Doug Smith: Yellowstone Wolves Distinct

Leader for the Yellowstone Gray Wolf Restoration Project, Doug Smith, reveals how wolves of Yellowstone National Park differ from those of packs in Canada and Alaska. The reason is lack of human-caused mortality.
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AIR said...

since you came to my school around 1 week ago (elmwood) im wondering why you guys only bring atka to our school and not Lukas, Apache or Kaila?

Maggie said...

Good question, AIR. Atka is our only ambassador wolf who travels. Apache, Lukas and Kaila are great ambassadors at the WCC, but under no circumstances will they walk on a leash, ride in a van and go somewhere with so many new faces, sights and smells. Because Atka travels, he is our best teaching wolf and he is also our strangest wolf. His behavior is not typical for a socialized wolf, Atka is unique.