Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Wolf M1483 Arrives at the Wolf Conservation Center!

WCC's curator, Rebecca Bose, opens the gate with Animal Embassy's Chris Evers

October 28, 2009 - Still groggy from a "red eye" flight, red wolf M1483 was released into his new home - the Wolf Conservation Center's recently opened red wolf exhibit- after a long flight from Tacoma, WA. The wolf was greeted by WCC staff and volunteers at Newark International Airport at 6:30am! When we opened the travel crate's gate to reveal a beautiful home to the new addition to the WCC family, M1483 stayed put! Perhaps the early flight had taken its toll. He looked around for 2 to 3 minutes until he finally made the leap and ventured out into the unknown. M1483 is currently living adjacent to female red wolf, F1397, and they will be united following a brief adjustment period. The pair will be given the opportunity to breed this winter because their offspring will increase the genetic diversity of their rare species. If F1397 and F1483 prove fruitful next spring, their pups will be candidates for release! A number of captive born pups each year are selected to be transferred and inserted into the den of wild wolves. The wild wolves then embrace and raise these new pups as their own. The pups develop in the wild and thus gain survival skills required to mature and reproduce. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.


Gaƫl said...

Hello from France where the weather is verY beautiful todaY, and with mY Best Musics for Red Wolf here on
I think to You before going for a walk on my volcano "le Plomb du Cantal" with my wolf somewhere in the Forest, let us save Earth Together, friendlY from FRANCE Murat-Auvergne-Cantal.

Tucksy654 said...

How did they let you bring a wolf on the plane..?

Josh said...

Well, there's lots of paperwork and then the wolf flies in the cargo section. We just posted a video of our picking him up at the airport; you can see the large shipping crate, which contained bedding, in the video and in the photo above.