Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guest Lecturer William Berloni Talks Dogs -- From Shelters to Stardom!

The Wolf Conservation Center's lecture series continues this weekend with another unique program this Sunday on November 15th!

We'll be celebrating the wolf 's cuddly canine "cousin" - the dog - with William Berloni and some of his canine celebrities!

For more than 30 years, William Berloni and his company have been training animals for the stage. Berloni primarily takes animals rescued from shelters and prepares them for a life in the limelight. His pioneering humane training techniques have won multiple awards! Join us as Berloni shares some heartfelt stories of rescued dogs who became superstars. A visit with the Ambassador wolves-Kaila, Apache, Lukas and Atka will follow the talk.

Pre-registration is required.

Click here to view the November schedule and register today!


Kind Wolf said...

Do theY like Cakes ?
it's mY BirthdaY todaY
I send You a piece of mY Cake... !!!
with beautiful lights from FRANCE

G. Jérôme said...

in response to this book :
Shadow Mountain
A Memoir of Wolves, a Woman, and the Wild

Do you really think that Wolves can live without protection in a sick nature ?
i don't think so,
fortunately for everyone Great lands like " le Parc des Embruns" in France should be created to protect them among other Animals and Men,Women, Children,
friendlY from France,
Gaël Jérôme M.

Gaël Jérôme said...

sorrY, This is " le Parc des Ecrins" preciselY near "la Forêt des Embruns"
friendlY !