Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Road Trip to Pick Up Red Wolf M1483

Here's a little video documenting our recent trip to pick up M1483 and his introduction to his new enclosure at the Wolf Conservation Center.

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Gaël said...

What a lovelY "SupermaNket" at the Airport ! it seems i go to the same for mY crocodile , I love DocumentarY Movies above all with Fun and simplY Splendid Actors...I'm not a fan but rather a passionate man about Animals and Nature...and a Big leather Hat from Los Angeles offered by Mick 3,
well done EverYbodY ! Great Video !!
let us be Nature to save Earth together if you want news from France about it, so tonight i plaY the kind wolf if you like...Helene, This is it ??
friendlY from Murat, Cantal France,
Gaël M.