Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scientists Learn About Wolves from a Wild Arctic Wolf!

At the Wolf Conservation Center Atka (see photo) is our best “wolf teacher”. He is our only ambassador wolf who likes to travel making him a great educator and unlike most wolves. In 2008 Atka visited over 140 schools, nature centers, museums and libraries to teach people about his wild “brothers and sisters”. It turns out that Atka is not the only arctic wolf that is helping others better understand wolves of the arctic tundra. Brutus, a wild arctic gray wolf living only 600 miles from the North Pole, is now a teacher too! The winters of the high arctic are harsh and long and scientists have yet to observe wild arctic wolves during this brutal season. Brutus will allow scientists to learn more about his kind by transmitting his whereabouts via his new satellite collar. To read more about Brutus from PHYSORG.COM click "more"


Di's Blog Fest said...

Visiting the WCC is always such a wonderful experience. The volunteers are so energetic and helpful; I find I'm always learning something new. Not only do I support WCC, but I also sponsor Atka. I must admit, I have quite a soft spot in my heart for him. I hope he's planning on attending Winter Wine and Wolves tonight!! Keep up the great work.

nywolf said...

Thanks for the kind words! Atka is indeed scheduled to make an appearance tonight. Should be a fun event!

G.J.M. said...

une photo de l'Ile d'EllesmerePark , "Music and lights" from EllesmerePark où se trouve un Ami de Atka , "imagine all the people" avec Brutus et ses Amis , for Research , for love,
Salut à tous depuis la France !
Queen ,
Gaël M. ***