Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Pup Footage!

After checking on the health of the one-day-old red wolf pups, we set up a remote camera near the temporary 'nest' where F1397, their mother, had stashed them. We managed to catch some interesting footage...


Diane Bentivegna said...

The live cam is quite spectacular! We used it today when the 8th graders introduced the WCC to my new incoming group of 6th graders!
From the looks on their faces, I am hopeful that there will be another crew of wolf-supporters coming up the ranks :)

I will be reading "Runt" by Marion Dane Bauer with them. Runt is the smallest in a litter of wolves born in the forests of northern Minnesota. The pups join their father, mother, and two yearlings in a pack that is completed by Bider, an adult male accepted into the group after he was forced out of another one. Each litter-mate seems to have a destined role, but for Runt the future is an unknown. He tries mightily to keep up with his siblings, but much of the time he tries too hard, doesn't think ahead, or makes mistakes. An encounter with a porcupine lands him among humans and proves fatal to one of his brothers. Sensing the pack's disappointment, Runt withdraws, looking for a chance to earn his father's approval. Throughout, Bider is watching, waiting for his chance to cause discord and disruption in the pack. When this occurs, it also provides an opportunity for Runt to rejoin his family. Beautifully written and faithful to wolves' behavior (explained in an afterword), this book portrays the wolves' place in the natural world with compassion, respect, and warmth, but this is also the story of any unique individual's struggle to find his or her niche.

The cam is a wonderful tool to educate people about the FACTS (vs. the fiction) of wolf culture. Thanks for all you do to make our jobs as teachers more rewarding!

Josh said...

It's teachers like you (and students like yours) that help inspire us!