Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quick Draw!

We're always psyched when people give us artwork they've created based on our wolves. We've received photos, hand-drawn cards, sketches, paintings, and other inspired creations, but the other night at our program at The Children's Museum in West Hartford, one of Atka's admirers added a new wrinkle - he sketched a cartoon while we were doing the program. Pictured above is the work of our new friend Justin, who is 15 years old and is thinking about pursuing a career in art. We think he's well on his way!

Justin's great work (not a portrait of Atka, our traveling ambassador Arctic gray wolf, but a work inspired by him) is pictured above. If you've created something based on our wolves, we'd love to see it, so feel free to email us a photo of it!


Anonymous said...

Cute Cartoon! How come no more "pupdates"?

Josh said...

Don't worry - it's only a brief break! We wanted to make sure Justin got credit for his great work before too much time had passed.

Since we don't see the pups every day, there isn't always pup news. But there should be another pupdate very soon since we saw them today! The brothers are getting bigger and even more adorable. More details soon... :)