Monday, June 28, 2010

Westward, whoa!

The Wolf Conservation Center's education team is headed to an active volcano. That's right, along with interested friends of the WCC who signed up for the trip, we're on our way to Yellowstone National Park to meet up with the folks from Yellowstone Wolf Tracker for a week of wildlife watching in an absolutely fascinating geologic setting.

It should be an amazing time - we'll try to post updates as often as we can to share the experience! In the meantime, here's some photos from a past WCC trip to Yellowstone and a great National Geographic article about Yellowstone's status as a gigantic "supervolcano."

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Photos Josh,I have a huge wild coyote in my yard,he looks almost like wolf,Big! does not have the snouty look of a coyote not usre if he is a mix of some sort.I will send photos. Linda Rubino.