Saturday, August 28, 2010

Julie of the Wolves. Oops, make that Jean!

During the weekend the Wolf Conservation Center welcomed a visit from Westchester’s own Jean Craighead George, the Newbery Medal-winning children's author and environmentalist who is an inspiration for children and adults alike! Jean is both a friend and neighbor of the WCC and it is always a joy when she stops by for a quick "wolf fix." We talked about some of Jean's new works like "The Buffalo are Back" and her summer research on whales which will enable her to spotlight this amazing creature as well. Jean was accompanied by two of her friends, Mimi and Amy, who were instrumental in the publishing and honoring of "Julie of the Wolves" decades ago.
The three ladies howled away with Atka and some of the Mexican wolves chimed in too! Next year we'll celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Julie and the Wolves." I just bought a copy for my 8-year-old niece 2 weeks ago!
To learn more about the works of Jean Craighead George, please visit her website at


Diane Bentivegna said...

That is great news!! Jean Craighead George is artist with words. The kids (and all adults I know) love her writing style because of her descriptive prose!

Michael said...

"Julie of the wolves" is a timeless book. I read and enjoyed it (in german) about sixteenth months before, but only the two "wolf"-chapters, because it should go into other hands next day. If I learned some about watching carefully, communication with and behavior of wild animals, how many should children learn! But never I forgot to analyze, challenge and to think for myself additionally. To it the book will guide the children.

NotAlone said...
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nywolf said...

Hi Diane and Michael,
Jean will be back at the WCC on October 16th to introduce her latest book, "The Buffalo are Back." Check out our website ( if you would like to register to attend. I can't wait to see Jean again, she really is an inspiration.

Michael said...

Even now I'm enjoying a video in German-TV about the "Buffalo Commons" project :

Maybe the video will be in the mediathek of