Friday, October 15, 2010

Building Bridges in the Southwest

Ranchers and wolves are not usually considered a good mix but this delicate relationship could be on the mend! Ranchers, wildlife advocacy groups, and biologists are joining forces to implement creative methods to prevent wolves from preying on or harassing livestock. Please click here to read the New York Time's article about the wolf deterrence projects that are gaining favor with ranchers.


Michael said...

Not the Ranchers are the problem. Maybe they are incited against wolves from some hunting guides.
Please see
New-In-the-Press .
At least one of the three Ranchers works additionally as guide/outfitter for trophy hunters in the GNF (Beaverhead). Hunting in now wolf-country is not more so easy like before. But should it be easy ? In German TV I saw a documentation of a cougar hunt in Idaho (?) in winter. The young hunting guest would carried from an assistant through a brook. When the dogs had fixed the puma (a beautiful specimen) the young man could shot it down from a tree. Fortunately he only needed one shot. Before the French Revolution nobility in Europe drove in their coaches from palace to an enclosure where deers were cached of their hunters before. Then they could shot the trophies very simple. Designer Jeans let me think of the farmer clothes suiting the nobles for fun before the French Revolution too. I hope our times aren't a similar end time.

I very like the website, I get the newsletter (for registration I used the WCC Zip-Code hoping it's ok), but I don't agree with the campaign "Set ... wolves free". Dr. Tuggle knows what to do how and when. He didn't remove the Alpha Pair of the Middlefork Pack (both three legged !) from GNF, although they killed some livestock probably. A new Recovery Plan is arising. We should wait for it.

Other links for info:
The-Big-Bad-Wolf-Makes-Good-The-Yellowstone-Success-Story-and-Those-Who-Want-to-Kill-It .
Chip Ward can say it better and easier as I.

(I get the newsletter of International Wolf Center too)


nywolf said...

HI Michael,
Thanks for the comment and the links!

Franja said...

Una fotografía magnifica! Una mirada impresionante. El señor del bosque.