Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Tis the Season to Chaperone

Winter time is breeding time for wolves, which means we have to make sure none of our critically endangered SSP wolves can engage in any illicit romances. Like overanxious chaperones at a high school dance, a group of Wolf Conservation Center staff and volunteers ventured into several enclosures to separate the wolves by gender. Though we had to separate Mexican gray wolf F837 (pictured) from M805 until the spring, we will have 3 breeding pairs of SSP wolves this season - two pairs of red wolves and one pair of Mexican gray wolves. We'll keep you posted if we see any signs of courtship!


pete said...

can we follow the blog on twitter?

nywolf said...

Hi Pete. We're not on Twitter right now. People can follow us here or on Facebook at


Diane Bentivegna said...

The eyes of F837 are so engaging! It looks like she was posing for the photo. Her fur is so beautiful, her coloring is exquisite. What a joy to see her! How old is she?

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo.

pete said...

thanks for the link. If you are interested, and new posts using FeedBurner can automatically update a twitter a/c. I like such things happening while I'm hibernating/otherwise occupied! :)