Thursday, December 30, 2010

Young Conservationists from Long Island are Working for Wolves

A dedicated group of 6th graders from Woodmere Middle School created this wonderful video about wolves and the importance of wolf conservation here in the U.S.. Ms Bentivegna is doing an exquisite job equipping her students with the tools necessary to safeguard the future of our nation's wildlife and now her middle school conservationists have created this promising piece -- what a treat! Keep up the great work Woodmere team, we can't wait to follow your endeavors in 2011.


Jean Ossorio said...

Congratulations to the sixth graders and Ms. Bentivegna on a job well done! Congratulations, too, to the WCC for helping to inspire these great youngsters via your outreach programs! ^..^

Diane Bentivegna said...

Thank you to the Wolf Conservation Center's staff for being role models for my students. Your seminar was informative and quite captivating! The children continue to talk about what they learned, and they ask good questions that inspire reflection. Of course, Atka's visit was a life-time memory for everyone present! You are superb educators, and I thank you for your partnership!

Dominique Marghella said...

Congrats Ms.B we love you and so happy that the new students can follow what we have started. i hope that people do realize the truth about the wolves and help. love you and miss you like crazy. let me know if there is anything can do to tell help your 6th graders. love dominique