Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Wolf M1483 tries to remember where his cache is...


Wolfie said...

We have red wolves in Algonquin Park. They are so rare and so beautiful.

Michael said...

His smooth/kiss gave to me the opportunity for a little promotion of Roald Dahl's work. My favorites: "Parson's Pleasure" and all the other stories with Claud in.
Past few days it was pretty cold around South Salem, not so hard how it can be at Ely(MN) e.g., but hard enough for Westchester County conditions.
There are three or four kinds of wolves at WCC. Do they show a different behavior against cold or wind, maybe of using the den?
M1483's winter coat is obvious, but his hair isn't so "fluffy" like Kaila's, Atka's and even Mexicans'?

I wish you a fine, beautiful Gala.
"wish I were (t)here"

nywolf said...

Hi Michael,
All of our wolves do very well in the cold snowy weather but no wolf seems to embrace this season as much as Atka the arctic wolf. The wolves are really giddy these days, this is their kind of winter!