Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Smooch from a Pooch... err, I mean, Wolf!

Winter is here and hormones are racing! Breeding season has begun and wolves in North America are busy wooing their mates using creative courtship rituals. Red wolf M1483 is feeling frisky and delivers a kiss to someone special :)


Seikku said...

aww that's so cute :) <3

Wolfie said...

Love it!

Michael said...

Fine story, but if I see or hear something like that, I always must think of Roald Dahl's "Kiss Kiss". Nothing I can do against it.
But now serious: Could be the Red Wolf a kind of the so called "Eastern Wolves" for restoring to New England, at New Hampshire for example. I guess Grey Wolves are living on the other side of the border in Quebec. Would they coexist with their Red cousins? Is Red Wolves' coat sufficient during the strong winter there?