Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Legislative Action Threatens Wolf Survival

Wolves are currently under attack in Congress as several bills (H.R. 509, H.R. 510, S.249 and S. 321), and an attachment to a vital spending bill, have been introduced in an attempt to deprive them of protection under the Endangered Species Act.  A Representative from New Mexico has introduced Amendment 342 to the Continuing Resolution, an amendment that would help cut off funding that protects Mexican gray wolves. If you want to speak on behalf of wolves, you can contact your representative(s) by phone or email to let them know how you feel about these bills. (Some may find popvox.com useful - it lets users look up bills and let their views be known to legislators.) With Congress set for budget discussions and decisions, now is a great time to let your views be known to your representatives. 


Barbara said...

Just called Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Rep. King to voice our opinion. Let's all do it!

Leslie Nistico said...

Our Greater Yellowstone Ungulates are under attack by unchecked and sustainably recovered wolves and grizzlies. Our moose have almost completely disappeared, elk are only residing on private lands outside the forest and park. cow/calf ratios and reproduction rates for migratory elk habve reached critical levels. States need to be able to manage their own wildlife without the interference of the federal government and people who haven't witnessed the devastation of our ungulate herds!

nywolf said...

Hi Leslie,

I happen to disagree with your post but I appreciate your participation! I think this following article from the Helena Independent Record conveys the important relationship between predator and prey very well.