Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mahopac Middle Schoolers are Leaving their Mark!

Atka strikes a pose with Mahopac Middle School's Alyssa Kull
Let's "howl it up" for Ms. Peterson's class from Mahopac Middle School! A special group of dedicated students participated in the WCC's 2010-2011 Calendar Drive and raised over $3500! It was our pleasure to thank the wonderful students (including top salesperson Alyssa Kull!) in person. Atka even left them a little gift ;-)

If you're school or organization is interested in learning more about how you can participate in our 2011-2012 Calendar Drive and earn an education program from the WCC and Atka, please email maggie@nywolf.org or call 914-763-2373 x2.  "Gift" from Atka are not guaranteed!

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Michael said...

In my comments I agree mostly to Mexican Wolves in/for the wild. But we cannot hold them in the wild, if people doesn't want it.

The attitude of adults is changing very seldom. Therefore such institutions like the WCC with Atka and the Ambassadors are so important, if they reach children and young people.
Some of them will be hunters in the future. Do we hope they will hunting not regard as sports, but will hunt only for food, or will hunt with the camera what is not so costly and one can win joy, maybe pride, even sometimes honor or money without killing an animal. It is difficult and sporting enough.

Because there aren't in GNF e.g. such outlooks from street like in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley, there could be a new business field for outfitters, especially for hunting outfitters with their experience.

At many places we have extinct the wolves, but meanwhile the most of us are perceiving the meaning of wolves in the ecosystem.
I would extinguish gladly the mosquitos, but what are they good for? We don't know, not yet.

More then thirty years before I was fishing without eating the catch. I removed the hook and set back the fish: "sport fishing" with a creature. I'm ashamed. My last catch after some months of "fishing": I didn't get out the hook, killed the fish cutting off the head before setting back. It was enough.