Saturday, February 5, 2011

Someone's Feeling Romantic

Red Wolf M1483
Red wolf M1483 is feeling romantic, but where's his lady?  Let us know if you can spot our two love birds (M1483 and F1397) on the WCC's WOLFCAM.


Michael said...

I can't share in that feeling. After a heavy loss in Mars 2008 I bought an iMac and use now Safari, no other browser. I'm starting Windows in Parallels, but I don't want to go into the net with. I'am so sad. Please !!!!!!

(It's true, but not so seriously meant, more a joke)

Josh said...

We're hoping to have the webcam accessible to all browsers very soon! (I can't wait either, as I'm also on a mac.)

Michael said...

The Wolfcam provides me with a very good video-picture. Be glad to have this equipment and don't put too many pressure on microseven to support more browsers. The hardware seems to be one of the best.

Yesterday I gave to me a Valentine's Day gift and installed M7IE under Parallels on my Mac. It works fine, seldom I see faults, only on moving wolves. I use Parallels 4, but current Version 6 should be faster. The CPU usage is 100% processor1 and 40% processor2 (2 GHz).

Thank you for sharing the cam.
I take great pleasure in it.
Thank you again.