Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Get your green on! Ollie's sporting his St. Patrick's Day duds and you can too! Visit the WCC's Website Shop on and make every day a green day :)


Wolfie said...

Too cute!

Michael said...

On February/Mars 2009 I was hiking in Gila Wilderness for a week (staying at Silver City). The nights had about freezing-point, but during the day the sun was shining clear and strong. For the first time in my not very short life I got a sunburn on the ears (but maybe not the first sunstroke) and later molting days like a snake.
For wolf and nature lovers the store could have an other hat in besides.

Josh said...

While we feel for your ears, I'm afraid that's a sartorial niche we're unable to fill for now... Though maybe we could sell WCC bandanas that you could tuck under your WCC baseball cap to cover your ears... :)

Michael said...

Too dangerously, people must think there is a fighter coming from the Libyan desert.
But seriously: I have a boat hat, let's hope in the future with.
However, the big eared dog will be a welcomed tourist in New Mexico with the Mexican hat, which he needs... :)

(First time I use an emoticon, thanks to Josh; it's a good invention helping to avoid misunderstandings)