Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Victory for Wolves and the Endangered Species Act!

Atka celebrates with a victory dance!

VICTORY! Less than an hour ago the U.S. Senate shut down HR 1! This budget bill, a Continuing Resolution, had numerous riders attached to it, including Section 1713 which would have removed wolves from the protections of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and would have also banned the issue from any future judicial review.

Thank you to all the people who contacted their Senators!!! The battle over wolves on Capitol Hill continues, but today is a VICTORY day for wolves. Please try to follow up and thank the Senators you contacted for today's outcome :)


Diane Bentivegna said...

Thank you to the Wolf Conservation Center for teaching us the truth about wolves and their valuable contribution to a healthy planet!

Education is the key to advocating for wolves in the future. We look to you, our experts, as the most important link in the growing chain of wolf and wildlife advocates across the nation.

nywolf said...

Thank you, Diane.

> said...

just saw on news, that the Bill should be voted on 3-2-2011. the Bill is expected to pass & be on President's desk in 48hrs..per tv news channel....(now if the wolf section was removed, then someone show me the Gov. Link, please. but the H.R.1 Bill was NOT voted on or voted down today) only actions taken TODAY were this: "Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under Read the First Time."
all other actions & can be found here on this Senate Link: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdqu...ery/z?d112%3AHR00001:@@@S
the home link is:
I am researching about the section 1713, can you provide a gov. /news link to indicate that wolves are out of danger. i do not see that updated on Defender's site or any gov't site as of yet or anywhere on the internet?? help...

nywolf said...

Hi everyone,
Here's the latest we've heard from a dedicated "wolf warrior" on the matter.
"I certainly do not want to put a damper on the high we all shared yesterday, but while the Senate's temporary budget bill passed without reference to wolves (at this point), the battle over HR-1 is far from over.

As predicted, the Senate's "temporary fix" yesterday was just a plan to stop the government from shutting down on Friday. The next two weeks (end date, Mar. 14) will be the true battle because the Senate and House of Rep have to reconcile their differences and come up with one final budget bill. As far as I know 1713 was NOT removed from the House's version and it still remains on the table."