Thursday, April 14, 2011

Strike a Pose!

There hasn't been a lot of good news for wolves lately so we figured we'd offer a great pick-me-up. Get out of your chair, strike a pose, and get down with red wolves m1803 and m1804! They've been vogue-ing since they were born in May of 2010 so we know you can do it too :)

Music: Madonna, "Vogue"


Michael said...

Who is it with the monster truck in the red wolf enclosure ? :)

I updated from Paralles 4 to version 6 on my iMac.
It seems to be much better, but there are too few movements on the video for to say it's 100% like on a Windows PC.

Michael said...

So, in Parallels V6 moving objects are jerky (?) sometimes, but only a little bit and without loss of information. In V4, wolves were "beamed" from one place to another over seven feet. I would say, now it has widely more then 90% of a native Windows PC (e.g. BootCamp on Mac). I use an additional LCD on my Mac, especially for starting Windows virtual and looking the Wolfcam; at the same time some Mac programs can run on the iMac screen.
On a MacBook Pro, it should go still better.

You are building some videos with music, which is not allowed to play in other countries: the video stops at the begin with a hint (I think caused from YouTube). Not a criticism, only an info :)

Just even I see, that the rock above the den entrance wobbled as a wolf his forelegs placed on it. Maybe it's not more stable.