Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is Livestock Predation a Myth?

It appears so, according to a Department of Agricultural report released last week. WildEarth Guardians reports that in 2010, just 0.23% of the American cattle inventory was lost to native carnivores and dogs.  Surprisingly, dogs were responsible for close to 10% of all cattle predation.  Why then, if wildlife is accountable for less than a quarter of a percent of all cattle loses, are taxpayers paying millions of dollars on lethal and non-lethal control of native carnivores?  WildEarth Guardians wants some answers, do you?  Please learn more by reading this complete press release with links to the Cattle Death Loss reports: "Government Report: Less Than 1% of Cattle Killed by Native Carnivores and Domestic Dogs Taxpayers Fleeced by Federal, Predator-Control Program."

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Barbara said...

It is a fleece job, once again, brought on by special interests! SOOOOO frustrating.
AND, most of those livestock losses are compensated for by organizations like Defenders of Wildlife, etc.

Suggestions on what to do to respond to this finding would be welcome.