Friday, June 3, 2011

Arizona Wildfires Threaten Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Area


A rapidly moving wildfire in Arizona's Apache National Forest poses a sizable threat to wild Mexican gray wolves and the dedicated crew who manage this critically endangered species.  In the middle of last night, the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team's office in Alpine was evacuated and we haven't received word as to if or when they can returnHoping that all our friends and lobos who are impacted by the Wallo Fire are okay and sending good thoughts to all those affected.  To read more about the Wallow Fire from, please click here.


Michael said...

Bad news.

I must think of my trip from Alpine down to Clifton on AZ-route 191. It was about march 1 (!) in 2009: there were wildfires on the right side of the street about Hannagan Meadow, how it is now. The fire wasn't so strong like now, people of NFS or AZGFD or ... (with Ranger hats) could fight against glow nests in the slopes.

Just now I find on , that wildfires are in Gila National Forest (NM) too. That time I traveled from GNF (Silver City) to San Diego some days later. What a surprise as I saw the photo of members from San Diego County Fire and Police Departments being (and helping) in GNF.
It seems they smile at me. :)

Michael said...

There are wildfires too at
Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge (NC),
a home of Red Wolves !!!

Michael said...

It is so sad. The Wallow Fire has a new dimension.
It's hard for people, animals, plants. Around Alpine, there is a beautiful thick forest with older trees like in European Middle Mountains.
Do we hope, they can stop the fire before reaching the homes, and hope the wolf pubs are strong enough to follow the pack.

Also, the Pains Bay Fire (Red Wolf) was growing last night.

I know such wildfires only from TV, when they cover Californian wildfires almost every year.

Meg'N said...

It's heartbreaking. These wolves were just released not long ago, I too hope the pups are able to keep up.