Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pup-ils Growing and Learning Quickly!

At an early age wolf pups begin to develop behaviors that will help them as they grow older. Clearly Alawa and Zephyr, the Wolf Conservation Center's 8-week-old pups, are planning for careers in veterinary medicine, as their efforts to help Dr. Charlie Duffy of the Norwalk Veterinary Hospital reveal! Dr. Duffy, a long time invaluable friend to the WCC, somehow managed to examine the pups, declare them healthy, and then negotiate the safe return of his stethoscope.

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Elisabeth - Canada said...

Now, you know what offer them at Xmas: a doctor suitcase.
On one picture, it's like if Slawa said to the doctor: "Doc, is that my brother's health very good?"
Very good pictures.
Thank you to share them with us.