Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Jean Craighead George!

Soul mates: Jean and Atka

It is with great pleasure that we honor Westchester’s own Jean Craighead George today on her birthday. The Newbery Medal-winning author and environmentalist is an inspiration for children and adults all of the world. Her timeless works include:
  • Julie of the Wolves
  • My Side of the Mountain
  • The Wolves are Back
and over a hundred others!  Jean is a cherished member of the WCC "pack," her commitment to children and the wild stirs passion within everyone she encounters.  Every time Atka gets to see his dear friend, he's unable to resist singing just for her.  Today, we all sing for our hero: Happy Birthday Jean!


Michael said...

Happy birthday Jean of the wolves !!

Wolfie said...

Best wishes to Jean Craighead George!