Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a Mouthful!

Win a prize in the WCC's July Photo Caption Contest!  The WCC's Ambassador wolf pup nanny, Kai the German Shepherd, shares an intimate moment with Alawa the wolf.  This photo needs a caption and it's up to you to come up with a good one!  Please post your caption in the comments section below. A winning caption will be selected next week and we’re accepting submissions until Sunday at midnight PST. The photo will be posted next week with caption and credit to the winner! Note: The winning caption will be selected from the WCC’s Facebook page and the WCC Blog. Good luck!


Dorothy said...

I have a great photo of Helena doing this with Alawa during our playdate the other day! The wolf pups are amazing!

Dianne Giovanni said...

No that's not another wolf down there, that's just my stomach growling!!!
Submitted by Dianne Giovanni for brother George Giovanni

Michael said...

Kai the tiger killer.

(without contest)

Wendy Marshall said...

There's gotta be something in there, I'm starving!!

Michael said...

Combining the pictures of "Rub-A-Dub-Dub Two Wolves in a Tub!" and "What a Mouthful!" a person loving old greek or latin literature maybe would use an obvious Alliteration:

Kai the cat killer
Cat killer Kai

Dianne Giovanni said...

Submitting for brother Chris Giovanni:

HHHMMMMMM....only one cavity this visit!