Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yellowstone's Ambassadors Make the Trip

Next week members of the Wolf Conservation Center's education team will be heading to Yellowstone National Park with some friends to meet up with the folks from Yellowstone Wolf Tracker for a week of wildlife watching. Last year's summer adventure exceeded everyone’s expectations, even those who have frequented the park in years past! We spotted so many critters it will be tough for the crew to match last year's robust catalog. To view our list, please click "More" More...
Mule Deer
Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goat
River Otter
Black Bear
Grizzly Bear
Yellow Bellied Marmot
Ground Squirrel
Least Chipmunk
Red Squirrel
Cutthroat Trout
Snake (unidentified)
Great Blue Heron
Bald Eagle
Sandhill Crane
Mountain Bluebird
Swansons Hawk
Ruddy Duck
Goldeneye Duck
Cliff Swallows
Chimney Swifts
Lesser Scaup
American Dipper/Ouzel
Canada Goose
Trumpeter Swan
Red Winged Blackbird
Brown Headed Cowbird

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker's Nathan and Linda are phenomenal guides and with their help this year's adventurer's will be blown away. Nathan and Linda are among a special group of Yellowstone "Ambassadors," wonderful folks who can't help but enhance the thrill one feels when beholding the country’s oldest national park. Rick McIntyre of the National Parks Service,Yellowstone’s own "wolf man", is another legendary figure in the park. Since the reintroduction of wolves in the mid 1990s, McIntyre has yet to miss a day of wolf watching. His dedication keeps him busy but he always makes himself available to educate visitors about the park he calls home. Check out this great video of McIntyre giving the students of Bozeman, MT's Sacajawea Middle School a history lesson about Yellowstone Wolves. Big thanks to Dave Hornoff of for sharing this clip! Enjoy :)

Yellowstone Wolf History with Rick McIntyre from Dave Hornoff on Vimeo.

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