Friday, December 30, 2011

Wandering Wolf OR-7 Reaches California

WCC Ambassador Wolf Alawa
Wandering Wolf OR-7 is California dreamin' on this winter's day! On Wednesday, the 2-yr-old male crossed into the "Golden State" making him the first confirmed wild wolf in California since 1924! It's been an epic journey for this lone wolf, he's wandered more than 300 miles from his original home in northeast Oregon. Who knows how long he'll choose to linger in California. He'll likely keep moving in search of a mate before he makes any state his permanent home. In the meantime, we're enjoying his new-found fame during this time when positive stories re: wolves and their recovery here in the U.S. are few and far between. For more information, read more from the California Department of Fish and Game here.


Anonymous said...

This will be bad for wolves and for residents of California. They no longer belong here and their presence will only bring more hatred for wolves. Ca. DFG has spent a ton of money re-introducing Elk to Siskiyou County. Facts prove that wolves can and do devastate elk herds and livestock. BIG MISTAKE

Alyson said...

This is a single wolf, it's hardly a reintroduction program. OR-7 doesn't understand state borders. A quick Google search says that recent DFG efforts focused on the elk population in Siskiyou County have been primarily concerned with habitat sustainability. Humans will determine that threat, not (at this point in time, anyway), wolves.

Celebrate, it's a new year for wolves!